Winnica Zawisza

Zawisza Vineyard

Zawisza Vineyard
Rzepiennik Marciszewski 170, 33-180 Gromnik Tourist subregion: Tarnowski
The vineyard and vine nursery run by Mariusz Chryk.
The vineyard, which started as a small, home-grown, intimate plantation in Wesołowa near Zakliczyn, was later expanded with a hectare plot in the nearby Brzozowa. Its owner and founder boasts extensive experience in the field of wine seedlings, which he gained by working in French and Swiss vineyards for a number of years. This has allowed him to become an authority among other regional winemakers. His wines won multiple medals and awards in wine competitions. The vineyard features numerous varieties of grapes for white, red and dessert wines, including solaris, johanniter, Helios and muscat. The plantation also offers vine seedlings, which visitors can purchase to start their own plantations.

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