Kościół św. Józefa Podgórze Kraków

St Joseph’s church in Podgórze in Krakow

St Joseph’s church in Podgórze in Krakow
Uwagi nt. dostępności: Obiekt dostępny: Przed i po mszach św. w niedzielę: 7.30, 9.00, 10.30, 12.00, 18.30, 20.00, w tygodniu: 7.00, 8.00, 18.30 -
Zamojskiego, 30-523 Kraków Tourist subregion: Krakowski
tel. +48 126561756
tel. +48 124236267
Facilities at cultural sites: Filming permitted, Photographing allowed
Type of historical sites: Religious sites
The St. Joseph’s Church in Krakow-Podgórze, an outstanding masterpiece of Neo-Gothic sacred architecture in Poland, was built in the years 1905-1909. Its architect is Jan Sas Zubrzycki, Professor at the Lviv Polytechnic National University. The façade, richly decorated with sculptures, is situated between the steeples, one of which has a helm referring to the steeple of the St. Mary’s Basilica. An interesting fact is that the presbytery is located in place of a former quarry, its cellars have been carved out of the limestone rocks.
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