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Nowa Huta offers you the orange alternative for an ordinary Sunday in the form of the 8th edition of the Enchanted Pumpkin Festival, which will take place on 15 September between 11:00 and 14:00. On this day, it's worth going to Aleja Róż to admire the pumpkin sculptures and the most beautiful specimens of this vegetables grown on the outskirts of Krakow, taste pumpkin dishes, take part in workshops and games prepared by the clubs of the Nowa Huta Cultural Centre and receive a free book and map describing the adventures of the new hero of Nowa Huta – Mr. Pumpkin.

This year, the organisers are preparing for the residents of Kraków carving workshops – whose participants will learn the secrets of fanciful decorating dishes –, XXL crossword "Move your Pumpkin", theatre workshops "Pumpkin from the burned theatre" and several other animations and art classes for children and adults. Circus artists from Klub 303 will teach all the willing to walk on a rope and stilts and will help them try their hand at juggling. The ballet group Gaduły will perform on stage, while fitness instructors will invite you to have fun together.

At numerous stands Kraków residents and guests will learn about the different uses of pumpkin, not only as a food ingredient, but primarily as a creative material. In the middle of the festival space, works submitted to the Pumpkin full of energy competition will be exposed, and at the stage – those submitted to the farming competition Meet the pumpkin.   Detailed information about the competitions, as well as the regulations and application form are available at  Pumpkin works and specimens should be delivered at Aleja Róż on the day of the event between 10:00 and 11:00. Results will be announced and prizes awarded during the event.

The lovers of pumpkin flavours will certainly enjoy the tasting of dishes prepared by Prymat, the chance to win the company's products, as well as the opportunity to buy different varieties of pumpkins from local farmers.

This year's festival will also include an exceptional guest – Mr. Pumpkin. This is a new hero of fairy tales for children, straight from Nowa Huta, invented by members of the Stowarzyszenie Przyjaciół Nowej Huty (Friends of Nowa Huta) association. During the event, a book with his adventures, an adventure map and stickers with the image of this nice character will be distributed. The promotion of this publication will also include awarding the winners of two competitions announced in connection with the implementation of the project "Travels around Nowa Huta with Mr. Pumpkin": the artistic one Portrait of Mr. Pumpkin and the photographic one Pumpkin Traveller is going out of the frame. Information on the conditions of participation are available at

The 8th Enchanted Pumpkin Festival is organised by the association Stowarzyszenie Przyjaciół Nowej Huty and the Nowa Huta Cultural Centre. During the event you will be able to see the cultural and educational offer of 13 clubs run by the Culture Centre for children, adults and seniors, prepared for the new school year.

            However, the Nowa Huta's pumpkin tradition is not limited to this annual festival. Pumpkins have been grown in the Branice housing estate in Nowa Huta for many years. It was there that the first editions of the festival took place, before it was moved to Aleja Róż. The growing popularity of pumpkin in Poland motivates us to present the properties and types of use of this vegetable even more widely.

            The organisers warmly invite all Cracovians to have some common pumpkin fun and discover how many things are there hidden in the Enchanted Pumpkin. Admission to the festival is free.


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