Little and Maków Beskids

Muzeum Dom Rodzinny Ojca Św. Jana Pawła II Wadowice
When wandering around Little and Maków Beskids, it's worth visiting the local museums. The John Paul II Family Home Museum in Wadowice, opened on the 64th birthday of Karol Wojtyła, enjoys great interest. Inside you can watch, among others, the reconstructed interior of the Wojtyła family's apartment.

In Maków Podhalański, located south of Wadowice, you should obligatorily see the Emil Wacyk Regional Chamber of the Maków Land. The chamber is located in the “Paczosówka manor” and you can see the documents and photos concerning the history of the town and the surrounding area (also related to the period of the Nazi occupation). There are also old household items and works of folk artists, including sculptures, paintings, wooden toys and examples of the unique white Maków embroidery.

In Lanckorona, located in the north of Maków, you will find the Museum Chamber named after Antoni Krajewski, a professor form Kraków. This facility is housed in a wooden building, that survived the town fire in 1896. The museum was founded on the initiative of the Friends of Lanckorona Society, and you can see there exhibits from excavations at the Lanckorona castle as well as everyday objects and folk handicrafts of the local residents from the beginning of the 20th century. Part of the exhibition is dedicated to the Bar Confederation.

In the Myślenice Museum of Independence there are collections from excavations carried out in the castle of Myślenice and arrangements showing stylish bourgeois interiors from the 19th century. Other museums worth visiting include the Municipal Museum in Sucha Beskidzka, the Local Product Gallery in Stryszów, the Municipal Museum in Wadowice and the Polish-American private museum Hell's Angel. The exhibition presents, among others, fragments of the American B-24 “Liberator” bomber, which was shot down in Zygodowice during World War II after an air raid on the chemical plant in Oświęcim.


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