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Gorlice and its Vicinity

Gorlice and its Vicinity


One of the most important battles of the First World War occurred in 1915 in the vicinity of Gorlice – a small town located at the foot of the Low Beskid Mountains. The battle led to the breakthrough of the front and to the tsarist forces being finally driven out from Galicia. However, the vicinity of Gorlice was an arena for heavy fights earlier on – the front halted for several winter months at the turn of 1914 and 1915, north of town in the Biała Tarnowska Valley, and fierce battles were fought in the south among the elevations of the Low Beskid Mountains. The testimony of these fights can be found in numerous war cemeteries scattered in the vicinity. The legacy of the Great War, associated above all with the Battle of Gorlice, can also be found in the town itself.

Heading south from Gorlice, you can visit war cemeteries located on battlefields of the Low Beskid Mountains. However, the battles crucial for the Gorlice operation were fought north of town, e.g. near and on Pustka Hill in Łużna.

 Facility Name
36. War Cemetery no. 91, Gorlice 39. War Cemeteries nos. 123 and 122, Łużna
37. PTTK Regional Museum, Gorlice 40. War Cemetery no. 118, Staszkówka
38. War Cemetery no. 60, Małastów  

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