Municipal Engineering Museum, Cracow

Municipal Engineering Museum, Cracow

Muzeum Inżynierii Miejskiej

The Museum is located in the renovated historic premises of the oldest tram depot in Cracow. The depot houses trams, which even now occasionally leave the depot and run along the Cracow Museum Line. A trip around Cracow on a historic tram is an interesting proposal for the whole family. Municipal Engineering Museum houses not only trams. It also stores numerous old Polish cars and motorcycles, which will surely be of interest to children. When visiting the museum, the young guests will get to learn how the city operates, how you get water, electricity or gas in your homes and how people handled such issues in the past, as far back as the Mediaeval Ages. Some exhibits in the museum are interactive: visitors can touch them and run various experiments. At the exhibit ”Around the Wheel” children learn about the laws of physics through play, see the unusual wheel applications in various disciplines, and by driving vehicles with square and triangular wheels, they find out what would happen if the wheel was not round.  Municipal Engineering Museum invites you to workshops organised for schools and kindergartens . Occasionally, it organises Mornings in the Museum: Saturday workshops for parents and children.

Municipal Engineering Museum
ul. św. Wawrzyńca 15, Cracow, +48 12 4211242 ext. 136;

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