Water sports

Water sports

Jezioro Czorsztyńskie
Although Małopolska is located far from the sea, there are many places here where you can practise water sports. Amidst the unusual landscapes of the region, you will find a lot of lakes, rivers and mountain streams as well as man-made reservoirs.

The reservoirs perform not only functions related to energy, flood security and environmental protection. They are located in beautiful places, great for recreation. An extensive offer of active relaxation by the water will provide attractions both to “classic” water sports enthusiasts but also to persons looking for extreme experiences. Near the water bodies, there are many water sports schools and water equipment rentals. Yachtsmen often choose Lake Rożnowskie. On the other hand, the water body ideal for windsurfing enthusiasts is Lake Klimkówka, formed by means of a dam on the Ropa River. Both sailing and windsurfing may also be practised without leaving the heart of Małopolska – Kraków, as fairly good conditions for practising these sports may be found on the Bagry reservoir. We invite you to enjoy the water!


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