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Małopolska’s amusement parks are not only for children

Małopolska’s amusement parks are not only for children

A view of a group of people in a roller coaster carriage at the Energylandia amusement park.
Nowhere in Poland is there as expansive a complex of amusement parks for children as in the Małopolska region. They guarantee a journey to the land of fairy tales, a thrill on an amusement ride or a walk in Jurassic Park, as everyone is eager to return to their childhood years, especially in the company of their children, friends and family. Nothing brings us closer than shared positive emotions, a dose of adrenaline or a journey into the created worlds of exoticism and fairy tales. Come and have fun!

Energylandia – a high dose of adrenaline

Energylandia in Zator is undoubtedly number one among amusement parks in Poland. The park offers unforgettable experiences for both young and old at 123 attractions spread over 70 hectares of land. The park has different themed zones: the Fairytale Land, the Family Zone, the Extreme Zone, the Water Park, the Dragon's Lair and Aqualantis. Indeed, the safest thing for the youngest visitors will be a visit to the Fairytale Land – a land of fairy tales and fables, where every little one becomes a character from their favourite cartoon or meets a fairy tale character. Carousels, mini coasters, cars and aeroplanes create a safe and attractive space for the youngest children. 

The Family Zone provides more adrenaline and fun space for families. Water rafting, a sightseeing train and a race on the Moya Formula Autodrom track are just some of the many options for spending time together. Those with stronger nerves can try out some surprising roller coasters. It is worth remembering that there is a height restriction on some attractions: a minimum of 140 cm. 

The Extreme Zone is already a space for the exceptionally brave and those who are craving intense sensations. The fastest and biggest roller coasters provide fun at top speed, the giant Aztec Swing or the powerful 40-metre arm of the Space Booster reaching up to 140 km/h. The Hyperion, the highest and fastest in Europe in its category, and the Speed Water Coaster, the world record-holder among water roller coasters, come to the fore here.

On the other hand, the Dragon's Lair is a stylised zone transporting visitors to the world of The Lord of the Rings and The Witcher. The unique fantasy land is made of wood and stone, with details reminiscent of medieval architecture. The biggest attraction here is the Wooden Coaster Zadra, the highest in the world (63 metres). The coaster reaches speeds of 120 km/h, and the gradient of the first drop is 90 degrees. It is breathtaking! The youngest can take the scenic railway to the land of dragons or try the newest scenic attraction, the Wonder Wheel, with 30 gondolas.

The Water Park and Aqualantis are zones for beautiful holiday weather. Here you can swim or simply relax while enjoying the exotic surroundings. There are numerous exciting slides, and each zone takes you to a different tropical location. 

Inwałd Park – a complex of parks

It is a complex of five theme parks, each taking visitors to a different land. In the Miniature Park, in beautiful surroundings, one can stroll among the most outstanding monuments and pearls of Polish, European and world architecture. The Eiffel Tower, St. Peter's Basilica of the Vatican and the Great Wall of China are just some of the most famous structures. Those who feel like a journey back in time to the Middle Ages are invited to visit the Inwałd Stronghold. The medieval castle and settlement reveal the secrets of the lives of the first rulers and settlers and present the different trades, crafts, and professions of the day.

Dinolandia, in turn, is a dinosaur park where you can learn many interesting facts about their life and see specially prepared specimens. Besides, it offers entertainment in beautiful surroundings in a rope park, a mini golf course, a climbing wall or a beach among the dinosaurs. Everyone can take a souvenir photo in a dinosaur's mouth or try their hand at the palaeontology stand.

The ticket price includes visiting the John Paul II Garden – the world's largest blloming image of the Polish Pope.

The last attraction in the complex is the Pony Mini Zoo, home to various animal species. It is a unique zoo on the map of Małopolska, as you can feed the animals with specially prepared food.

Zatorland – the Dinosaur Park and more

This is yet another attraction on the map of Malopolska transporting visitors back to prehistoric times. Zatorland is Europe's most prominent animated dinosaur park with more than 100 different dinosaurs that move and make sounds. The most extensive representation of the species, the Argentinosaurus, is the size of a several-storey building. A visit here is not only much fun but also an exciting lesson in the history of Earth. There is also a chance to participate in palaeontological workshops, and the educational trails provide unforgettable experiences. Zatorland also features the Lunapark with a wide range of 5D cinema, a 3D simulator and other attractions.

In turn, the Mythology Park invites visitors to the mysterious world of Greek gods, goddesses, and heroes, offering the opportunity to get to know the main characters of mythological beliefs and stories.

Another huge attraction is the Insect Park, which is home to 28 different human-sized insects.


The family amusement park Rabkoland (a description of Rabkoland) in Rabka-Zdrój is an amusement park ideal for the youngest and oldest alike. The Luna Circus invites you to the world of illusion, where you can meet Mareczek the Clown and visit his magical house. On the other hand, the Highland Jungle offers a a chance to go searching for Uhu Uhu's treasures, a ride on a stone train, a rock-climbing machine, and a chance to feed animals. In Rabkoland, you can take a ride on a flying bus, a pony or a giant space-time bender – a visit to the Machinarium will inspire you to travel in ground vehicles and encourage you to rise up into the air. The youngest visitors can move to the fabulous Bumblebee Valley and the wooden Viking Village. The good news is that children up to a height of 90 cm have free admission to the amusement park.

Rope parks and other attractions

GOJUMP Kraków-Sikorki, the largest trampoline park in Małopolska, is a unique place on the map of Kraków. The facility hosts various sports activities for children and adults. Acro fun, acrobatics, gymnastics or free-running are included in the park's offerings. In addition, a sponge pool is available for visitors, and birthday parties and activities for schools can be held in the park.

The agility rope parks are very popular with children, both older and younger. One such park is even located in Kraków and provides top-level entertainment. Visitors can choose from five routes of varying lengths and difficulties, including a Tyrolean route, a high route and a medium route.

Other famous rope parks in a natural mountain landscape are located in Zakopane – the Gugu Rope Park with a view of Giewont and the Krynica Rope Park at the foot of Jaworzyna Krynicka in Krynica-Zdrój.

The parks offer a substitute for competitive sports with basic skills in the use of belaying equipment and a test of basic climbing and agility skills.

Relaxation zone – water parks and thermal baths

A relaxing visit to water parks is also a pleasant form of entertainment. The Water Park Kraków invites the residents of Kraków and the surrounding area to relax and learn, take fitness classes and enjoy therapeutic massages. However, the most famous in the region is the geothermal baths in Podhale. The Aqua Park Zakopane offers water attractions with the most beautiful view – from the outdoor pools, there is a lovely panorama of Giewont; it is delightful to bask in the geothermal water and enjoy a picture of the Tatra Mountains. Children will enjoy the slides and smaller pools. The Chochołowskie Thermal Baths, the most extensive thermal baths in Poland, additionally invite you to the Chochołowskie SPA – a wellness zone for relaxing and healing treatments.



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