St. Hedwig the Queen Trail in Biecz

Obraz przedstawiający świętą Jadwiga w szatach królewskich.

St. Hedwig the Queen, the wife of King Wladyslaw Jagiello, often visited Biecz, a historical town on the southeast edges of the Małopolska Voivodship. The town flourished at the time and the Queen founded the Hospital and Church of the Holy Spirit. Biecz features many sites associated with Queen Hedwig. As of 2006 the relics of Queen Hedwig have been interred in the Biecz Corpus Christi Parish Church and this is where the trail begins. It will take you to several other sites and a few locations in the vicinity. On the way you can see from the outside the hospital founded by Queen Hedwig for the town of Biecz, climb the castle hill where the Queen’s castle once stood, and visit a village of Strzeszyn that, according to tradition, was established by the Queen.


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