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Mosorny Groń and Babia Góra Trails

Mosorny Groń
Babia Góra Trails is a place that you will want to visit again – because it's worth it! It is a complex of up to 20 km of mountain bike routes created as a result of the cooperation between the municipality of Zawoja and its Slovak neighbours. The resort offers 14.5 km of well-prepared routes on the Polish side, and an additional 5.2 km of two-way single trace on the Slovak side.

Babia Góra Trails Trails is a good idea for people looking for a place for the whole weekend full of various cycling emotions, regardless of experience level. The site offers paths with even and paved surface for beginners and intermediate riders, as well as demanding, natural downhill runs filled with roots, sharp bends, stones and faults, prepared for experienced riders! After exciting rides, it's worth planning a two-way singletrack trip towards Slovakia, the highest point of which is located at an altitude of 1,100 meters above sea level and offers some of the most beautiful views in the Beskid Mountains. The paths begin in the hamlet of the village of Zawoja – Zawoja Morgi. It's also here, that the tourists can use the professional dual-pumptrack track to test their skills as well as the training hills and paths containing elements imitating natural obstacles. In the hamlet of Zawoja Morgi there is a convenient car park, toilets, social amenities, showers and bicycle washers.

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Zawoja is a beautiful village located at the foot of Babia Góra. Nature, charming landscape and horizon painted by mountain ridges have been attracting lovers of both peaceful rest and extreme sports for years. Although the green, steep slopes of Mosorny Groń are an ideal place mainly for those who like adrenaline and want to feel it in their veins, also the beginner cyclists will find a route for themselves. Bicycle routes at Mosorny Groń are available in three variants. The 2,000 meter Freeride route will satisfy both beginners and professional riders. The short NorthShore downhill is adapted to all riders, regardless of their level of proficiency. The Downhill trail at Mosorny Groń is in turn an option for those who are looking for sport challenges combined with a thrill! The comfortable chair lift will get you straight to the top of Mosorny Groń. You can leave your car at the free car park next to the lift.

Mosorny Groń mapa tras