10 best playgrounds in Krakow!

Dzieci na placu zabaw wśród drzew



Hoping for a beautiful, golden autumn, and also because many children’s attractions are currently closed, we suggest taking a look at the following article with the ranking of the top 10 playgrounds in Krakow. It lists places where children and their parents can spend their time safely, outdoors and enjoy some movement.


There are plenty of playgrounds in Krakow. They differ a lot, some are new and wonderful, others have a few or even several years old and are still the place of fun for the little ones. They are often created with an idea, a guiding theme. Of course, the main theme of our royal city is the motif of the dragon. Our favourite sites among the playgrounds in Krakow are mainly dragon squares. They compete in the ideas of designers and often delight with their dragon-like constructions. But Krakow can offer not only dragons squares - there are many other playgrounds that are interesting and worth visiting.


The authors of the article to which we refer have created a list of the 10 best attractions in Krakow, which include:


1. Two playgrounds in the Polish Pilots Park (Park Lotników)

“Airplanes” Playground

Divided into three age groups

The main theme is airplanes

Section for the youngest is fenced

Extra climbing structure for larger children

Hopscotch fields with airplanes

Partially shaded

In the middle of the beautiful Polish Pilots Park

Gravel substrate


Dragon Square

Wooden, natural


All on sand

Play area exposed to direct sunlight, part with benches in the shade

An interesting and impressive red, fire-breathing dragon

Tyrolean loved by kids

Close to the Tauron Arena and the beautiful Park of Polish Pilots, next to the Garden of Experiences

Not fenced


2. Playground in Park Krakowski

Large playground

A wide variety of fun structures

For different age groups

Impressive towers with a bridge and a slide

Sandbox equipped to have fun with water

All wooden, in mild colours

Partially shaded

Close to the city centre


Shock absorbing surface

Located in the beautiful Krakowski Park next to AGH UST

Quite popular


3. “Do Woli” dragon square in the Decius Park (Park Decjusza)

Wide variety of structures

Divided into 3 zones

Wooden, natural

An ingenious dragon, Delicius, into which you can enter

Super double or even triple swing

A huge web of ropes placed on a hill among trees

Sand substrate

Located in the beautiful Decius Park

Partially shaded

Not fenced


4. Two playgrounds in the centre of Krakow:

“Plantuś” by the Archaeological Museum

Suitable for disabled children

Fenced, closed at night

The main theme is how people once lived: different homes, settlement

Refers to the neighbouring Archaeological Museum

In the very city centre – on the Planty, next to the Wawel Hill

Soft substrate and bark


“Dzikie Planty” (“Wild Planty”)

Small playground

Cool carousel with snails

Well designed

On the Planty near the Wawel Hill


Soft surface and wooden platform


5. Dragon square playground in Dąbie Park

Interesting dragon-like structure with two heads

Wooden, natural

Shock absorbing surface and grass

Next to Dąbie Barrage, on the boulevards along Vistula, next to the bicycle path

Not fenced

Partially shaded

Cool zone for archaeological activities


6. Playground by the Nowa Huta Reservoir

Large playground

Wooden, natural

On sand, bark and grass substrate

Structures for different age groups of children

Extra actuator for sliding and a long tyrolean

Interesting wooden animals that relate to the fauna of the Nowa Huta Reservoir

Partially shaded

Plenty of space to relax

In the neighbourhood of the Nowa Huta Reservoir, sports pitches and the graduation tower


7. “Zaskroniec” (Grass snake) playground in the Żeromski Park

Consists of two fenced parts

The main theme is grass snake – there is a sandbox reflecting the shape of the snake, as well as the fauna and flora of the Nowa Huta meadows

All on gravel substrate

Partially shaded

Creative fence with windows and painted insects

Super slides going down the scarp

In its vicinity, there is a tree house in the Żeromski Park

Next to the bicycle path with a view on the Nowa Huta meadows


8. Forest Cover (Leśna Kryjówka) in the Witkowice Forest

Located in the Witkowice Forest

Wooden, natural

Cool swing

Slides going downhill


Natural path in the neighbourhood

Natural surface – grass, bark


9. Playground in Park Reduta

Three-level playground

A very large playground divided into three levels

Not very shaded

Gravel substrate

Super partner swing

A lot of climbing structures

Super slides going down the scarps

Very ingenious



10. Dragon square in the Wadów Park

Wooden, natural

Sand substrate

In the intimate Wadów Park

Cool wooden labyrinth

House with sandbox

Interesting structure of a two-headed dragon

Very cool especially for young children – ideal for kids aged 2 and 3

Partially shaded

Not fenced


We encourage you to read the full article written by: Krakow z dzieckiem.pl 



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