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Nagrobek Tarnowskich w bazylice katedralnej Tarnów

Tombstone of House Tarnowscy in the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Basillica, Tarnów

Rzeźba z marmuru leżącego mężczyzny, z długą brodą, w zbroi. Obok leży miecz, pod głową poduszka.

Plac Katedralny 5, 33-100 Tarnów Tourist region: Tarnów i okolice

tel. +48 146214501
The tombstone was made by Jan Maria Padovano and it is the largest of his works in terms of dimensions (13.8 x6.6m).
It was built of sandstone in the architectural part, while the columns, pilasters' filings, lintels, inscription boards, coat of arms shields and, above all, the two full-plastic figures of both Tarnowscy and their sarcophagi are made of red Hungarian marble. The monument is in a two-storey configuration and has the appearance of a frontage of the Greek temple, with columns on the sides, beams and a triangular bridgehead. The figures rest in their sleep, placed on the sarcophaguses in the poses of the so-called 'sarcophagi', while in the background there are curtains attached in the shape of a canopy or a tent.

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