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Energylandia Zator

Energylandia Zator

Duży wagonik z ludźmi z podniesionymi rękoma na tle pogodnego nieba zjeżdżający po torach w parku rozrywki.

al. 3 Maja 2, 32-640 Zator Tourist region: Oświęcim i okolice

tel. +48 334861500
Energylandia is the biggest amusement park in Poland, with dozens of attractions for visitors of all ages – children, teenagers and adults alike. A single admission ticket is enough to enjoy all the attractions without limitation throughout the entire day. The amusement park is divided into 6 zones.

Bajkolandia is a land where children meet their favourite fairy tale characters.

The Family Zone offers attractions for the whole family – using some of them requires the visitors to be at least 140 centimetres tall.

The Extreme Zone offers unique and interesting attractions for daredevils – offering the highest dose of adrenaline, a ton of joy and fast-paced fun. The offer includes over a dozen extreme devices such as the fastest and biggest Roller Coasters, a huge Aztec Swing pendulum and a powerful 40-metre arm of the Space Booster, whose speed reaches 100 km/h, with g-forces exceeding 5G! Since 2018, the most interesting attractions in this zone include the Mega Coaster Hyperion - the tallest and the fastest roller coaster in its category in Europe, as well as Water Coaster Speed — the world record holder among water roller coasters.

The Water Park resembles a tropical island, offering plenty of attractions and water games for different ages, with varying difficulty levels. It includes Water Park, Tropical Fun, Exotic Island and a novelty for 2022 - Bamboo Bay.


The Dragon Zone might remind you of a town taken straight out of The Lord of the Rings or the mysterious Witcher – all thanks to its medieval Gothic style.There is also Wonder Wheel - an extraordinary structure with 30 gondolas i, overlooking the entire park.

It is worth noting that Energylandia is not only an amusement park, but also a site for numerous educational and artistic workshops, as well as pyrotechnic shows.


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