Małopolska Countryside with Tradition

Drewniana zagroda, na pierwszym planie gliniane garnki wiszące na płocie.
Each of us needs leisure time during the year, days off during which we can discover interesting tourist attractions, historical buildings, get to know the fascinating history of various corners of Poland. We associate such rest with sunny weather, the rustle of a forest, and water in which we can cool ourselves off. But what else can guarantee a successful holiday? Obviously the place where we decide to stay during our time off.

In Małopolska you will find a number of farms (including agritourism farms) run by passionate hosts – open-minded people willing to share their knowledge and memories of their 'Little Homeland'. It is not uncommon for the hosts to run various creative workshops during which one can learn about folk traditions, customs and rituals that have been cultivated in Małopolska for years. In the sites listed in the 'Malopolska Countryside with Tradition' catalogue you can participate in many interesting activities, e.g., wreathing garlands after Corpus Christi, painting regional motifs, tissue paper craft, making Slavic dolls and knitting block lace. The recommended facilities have a unique atmosphere – houses full of history reminiscent of holidays spent with grandmothers in the countryside. In addition, the hosts themselves prepare regional delicacies from Małopolska: sourdough breads, smoked meats, butter, cheese and various preserves. Many of these products and dishes have been included in the Małopolska Culinary Heritage List.


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