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Beskid Sądecki and Niski Beskids

Jezioro Klimkówka
If you are looking for peace surrounded by the Beskid nature, you will undoubtedly find it in the Magura National Park, which was created in 1995 in the Low Beskids. Almost 800 species of plants and 200 species of animals have been recorded here, among which there are rare or endangered birds (golden eagle, lesser spotted eagle, eagle owl and honey buzzard), butterflies (clouded Apollo, scarce swallowtail, common yellow swallowtail) and beetles (Alpine longhorn beetle and Cerambyx scopolii), or come across large predatory mammals. The park was established in areas which until 1947 were inhabited by Ruthenian highlanders – the Lemkos. There are numerous monuments in the form of roadside figurines and chapels, Orthodox churches and churches.

One of the attractions is Lake Klimkówka – immortalised in the movie “With fire and sword”, where you can go windsurfing.

Beskid Sądecki boasts the Poprad Landscape Park with its Natura 2000 Ostoja Popradzka area, as well as many educational and ornithological paths, among others on the slopes of Góra Parkowa, Jaworzyna Krynicka or in Łopata Polska. Thanks to health resorts famous for medicinal waters, Poprad Landscape Park is considered one of the most attractive areas in Poland. There are 13 nature reserves here, of which Kłodne nad Dunajcem, Obrożyska and Pusta Wielka are particularly noteworthy. When you come here, don't miss the Bobrowisko natural enclave in Stary Sącz, cool carbon dioxide fumes in Tylicz – called mofety, the Czarna Młaka pond near Muszyna, or the fancy spiral viewing platform in Wola Krogulecka.


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